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Hey Cookie Monster!

We set out to make the ultimate cookies and here they are: our childhood faves, but better for you and the planet.
We hope you love them!



We LOVE plants. Charlotte grew up in Provence on her family’s fruit & veg farm with a massive sweet tooth (that gal could never resist a croissant). GÂTO is about bringing the two together: plants + patisserie! But not only this: We firmly believe that eating more plants and less animal products is better for the planet: an Oxford University study states that “Eating a vegan diet could be the ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your environmental impact”. Now, fear not! We don’t all need to go all the way (gasp!): adding a bit more plants to your diet already helps, and GÂTO is just about that: making it a no-brainer to go for the plant-based option when indulging your sweet tooth, BECAUSE IT’S SOOO damn DELISH! You’d NEVER know it’s vegan.


GÂTO = Cookies with BENEFITS. Kim is passionate about REAL food: you know, the simple, yummy stuff you make at home and that’s naturally rich in nutrients? With a dietician mum + a degree in chemical engineering, she’s the nerdy brain behind our cookies! She makes sure they come packed with plant protein, fibre and MUCH less sugar. The easiest way to cut sugar is by using sweeteners (like maltitol, xylitol & sucralose), but that’s a no go for her: you’ll find nothing artificial or weird in our GÂTOs! So how do we do it? It’s super simple – we use flavoursome, top quality ingredients, a touch of pre-biotic fibre for extra sweetness, and much less sugar than any other cookies! Her motto: sugar is not super evil - it’s natural and people have always eaten it, BUT it’s about eating less of it - moderation and all that!

Baked to perfection

What does any of it matter if IT DOESN’T TASTE BANGING?! Charlotte trained in patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu and is a supertaster with super high standards (she denies it). What’s that you ask? Well it means she has 10-100 more tastebuds than the average person so is able to detect salty or bitter notes us mere mortals don’t even notice! It’s all about getting the PERFECT BAKE EVERY DAMN TIME, so our cookies are crisp, buttery and delish. NOM.

GÂTO x Our Planet

The truth about plastic:

It won’t please everyone, but through our extensive research on packaging options, we’ve understood that RECYCLABLE PLASTIC FILM IS A MYTH: NO PLASTIC FILM IS WIDELY RECYCLABLE IN THE UK TODAY (shocking, we warned you): That’s because only a tiny portion of local authorities will accept it (we’re talking less than 5): they simply don’t have the technology for it. This means that any plastic film claiming to be “fully recyclable” today (e.g. does your fave snack say that?) simply is not. Misleading, we know: but that’s the bitter truth.

Our promise:

We’re eagerly waiting for truly widely recyclable options and believe us, we’ll be the first to adopt them! In the meantime, you can post your film packs to us and we will make sure they get recycled into new things by using a recycling specialist, like Terracycle – it’s the only way to truly recycle any plastic film today. Finally, let’s not forget that most of our packaging is card or paper, which is 100% recyclable. Film packaging is the best way to keep our cookies fresh and cut down on food waste, plus it’s extremely light to transport, keeping the carbon dioxide balance as low as possible. Every bit counts!

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A passion for creating indulgent, hip and healthy treats stems from experimental recipe testing with my mum, shifting from Indian food to sweet dishes and plant-based recipes. After developing dietary intolerances, I struggled to satisfy my sweet tooth whilst restricting and isolating food groups. 
This led me to change my eating habits, encouraging a natural and sustainable lifestyle without additives, preservatives or refined products. 
The surging necessity for plant-based and totally transparent recipes has led me to create some of the most delicious vegan treats. 
My desire to find natural treats free from all naughty ingredients, led me to create a wholefood dessert range using a maximum of 5 ingredients, without compromising on taste.


After studying at Cambridge University, and working in the corporate world for a few years, I took the leap to pursue my passion - Filling a gap in the market of transparent, guilt free and nourishing treats!